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2013-14 Contest Dates

    Online entry periods: PA, DR, MM, EM , PH, and SC
    April 1 - opening at 7:00am
    April 14 - closing at 12:00pm noon

    Entry day: Saturday
    April 26 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

    Judging day: Sunday
    April 27 - 8:00am to 12:00pm (not open to public)

    Art pick up for all BUT Finalists: Sunday
    April 27 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

    Awards Ceremony: Monday
    April 28 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Contest Rules

2013-14 Contest Rules

The Prizes!

Grand Prize: $5,000
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,500
Fourth Place: $1,000
Fifth Place: $500
6th thru 10th: $250

About the Visual Arts Contest...

The annual Culture Shapers Visual Arts Contest enables student artists to compete for nearly $70,000 in cash prizes in six categories... drawing, painting, electronic media, mixed media, photography and sculpture. The contest takes place 3 times during the school year (refer to posted dates), and is open to all High School Students within TEXAS.

Students receive a commemorative t-shirt with their entry fee of $20. Entry forms will be e-mailed to the teacher after online registration. Teachers or students deliver and pickup the entries at the drop-off location at Culture Shapers on 10609 Grant Road, Bldg C & D.

Each year, the Culture Shapers Volunteer Staff receive about 1,500 entries. This year the judging will take place November 17 for PA & DR, February 2 for SC & MM and April 27 for PH & EM. The Awards Ceremony will take place in the afternoon starting at 4pm each of the judging days.

About the Culture Shapers Jurying Process...

Culture Shapers jurors are a combination of educators and professionals, who come highly recommended to us by other notable organizations, such as the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE), as well as others. Many of our jurors have experience both in and out of the classroom, which gives them a unique and valuable perspective on evaluating student artwork. Click here to read more about the Culture Shapers jurying process.

Latest News & Updates


By now you no doubt know of the passing of Ernie Fitzpatrick just over a week ago.   Surely there was no more dynamic leader anywhere.  Ernie’s passions and drive were responsible for both the creation and sustenance of Culture Shapers and for the countless benefits this organization provided to young artists, their teachers, mentors, and families, and to the Culture Shapers family as well.

As difficult as this time is, we know that many of you are awaiting decisions regarding the future of Culture Shapers.  We write to communicate the actions of the Culture Shapers Board taken March 17, 2014.  After much deliberation and soul-searching, the Board has decided to dissolve the 501C3 organization and to suspend activities in the visual arts and YVOH divisions.  This decision was made for practical, financial, emotional, and dare I say, spiritual reasons.  We all believe that, while we are reluctant to take this path, it is in the best interest of all involved.  Put simply, Ernie is irreplaceable, but if God has a plan for Culture Shapers in the future, we know that the necessary resources, people, and energy will be present when the time is right.  Meanwhile, the dissolution of the organization enables closure and practical arrangements to move forward.

While the Board is deeply saddened by the loss of our leader, we take this moment to celebrate the wonderful legacy that Ernie leaves behind in this community.  How many young artists have pursued an education because of the vote of confidence and financial reward they received at Culture Shapers?  How many received valuable mentoring from seasoned artists and performers?  In short, Culture Shapers, created to provide young artists with a positive outlet for their ideas and passions, has far exceeded its mission.  It has changed countless lives and given hundreds of young artists experience in competition, compassion, and generosity.  We may never know what is destined to bloom from the many seeds that Cultures Shapers has planted, but we can be sure that Ernie created the means for everyone associated with Culture Shapers to do good in the world.

On a practical note, the YVOH season will not continue.  The two finalists from the February competition (who would have advanced to the finals) will each receive $500 as a gesture of good will and encouragement.  The visual arts competition will not take place; any fees already paid for upcoming competitions for either YVOH or VA will be refunded.  The manner in which the Culture Shapers organization is formally dissolved will be in accordance with all laws and appropriate fiduciary practice regarding 501C3s.

Finally, we on the Board express our deepest gratitude to you for the work you have done over the years supporting the activities of this organization.  None of the many accomplishments would have been possible without your contributions.  Your expertise, energy, time, and labor have made all of the benefits to students, parents, teachers, and community possible.  We know that many of you have put in countless hours making events and competitions happen.  We hope that you celebrate all that has been accomplished.  Thank you so very much from all of us!

Back To The Future

In the beginning, we had all SIX categories done at ONE TIME; however, in the last few years we’ve either done two categories or three categories at a time. While there are advantages and disadvantages to either of the three formats, for 2014 at least we will go back to all SIX at once.

The most significant chages are an extended entry time and an added day for the Awards ceremony (remember when we did this at a banquet?). We’re not sure how we will do the award ceremony at this time, but the DATE is solid! :-)

Here is the format for 2013-14-

Online entry periods: PA, DR, MM, EM , PH, and SC
April 1 – opening at 7:00am
April 14 – closing at 12:00pm noon

Entry day:
Saturday April 26 – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Judging day:
Sunday April 27 – 8:00am to 12:00pm (not open to public)

Art pick up for all BUT Finalists:
Sunday April 27 – 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Awards Ceremony:
Monday April 28 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Good luck to everyone!!!

Thank You Lisa Canorro

Lisa represents the kind of teacher that INSPIRES her students, builds community, and unity with her art students. Every year Lisa is one of the great supporters of Culture Shapers as the picture below indicates. Best of all her students walk away with a few thousand dollars as a result of her encouragment and instruction. You go girl.

Thank You Lisa Canorro

Incredible Accomplishments

Here are some of the incredible individual accomplishments by high school, ISD, and teachers. Pictures of the 30 winning entries will be posted in a couple of days. It was a very busy and gratifying YEAR #13.

#1- Cy Fair ISD won 10 of the 30 FINALISTS!. Six of the ten came in Electronic Media and they took 1st place in two of the three categories. Amazing!
#2- Congratulations to Kim Ross who teaches at Cy-Falls as her students placed 1st and 2nd in Electronic Media (a $7,500 haul).
#3-Cassie Guidry was the only student to win in two categories: 2nd place in Electronic Media and 9th place in Photography. Way to go!
#4-First Place & $5,000 Winners were: Shandey Ketchey a Senior at Nimitz ( Drawing), Kimberly Nguyen a Junior at Cy-Falls (Electronic Media), and Savannah Knight, a Junior at Cy-Ranch (Photography).

All the WINNING PICTURES are now posted for Photography, Electronic Media, and Drawing.

Money Time!

It’s been a busy day checking in nearly 700 pieces of Drawing, Electronic Media, and Photograpghy. Now it’s time for then judges to arrive Sunday morning and render their decisions. Who will get $250, who will get $5,000, and who somewhere in between those numbers?

Could somone make more than $5,000? Sure, it’s conceivable that 21 could pick up $15,000 as that’s how many entered all three categories. Probable? No! Possible? Yep! :-)

Come and see the results Sunday from 5-6:30, There will be lots of excited kids!

Final & Official

We were able to get the corrections done earlier. So, here are the FINAL NUMBERS! Thanks for all of your COOPERATION. Registering 700 students with all of the myriad of questions in one week is a feat regardless. :-)

>682 Entries
>280 Drawing / 233 Photography/ 173 Electronic Media
>Cy-Fair ISD leads the way with 131 entries
>John Cooper School is tops with 39 entries
>Lisa Canorro is top teacher with 30 entries
>114 Students have double entries
>21 Students have entered all three categories….chance to win $15,000!
>24 ISD’s have submitted entries
>67 High Schools have submitted entries

We look forward to actually SEEING the art work on Saturday the 18th and handing out some BIG CHECKS on Sunday 19th!

Good Luck!

Policy Change

Effective tomorrow, with the EM,PH, and DR category contest entry period, we will no longer require a SOCIAL SECURITY number on the registration form.

>If you are selected as one of the top ten winners on May 19th, you will be REQUIRED to give us your social security number, along with the W-9.
>If you are a winner and don’t have a valid SS#, you will be honored with the certificate and recognition at the ceremony, but NO CHECK!
>If you are in the process of getting a SS# you will have 30 days or until June 19th to supply us with your SS#..

PS. We may not be able to change entry software codes deleting the SS# requirement by tomorrow, and if not just ignore the SS# request on the form……until you WIN of course. :-)

Need College Cash?

School will be out next month. Where are you seniors headed?

If you are a little short in cash would $5,000 help? For just $20 you can enter the Visual Art contest starting at midnight, April 28th. The potential is $5,000 for first place in either Photography, Electronic Media, or Drawing. Hey, win first in all three entries and you get $15,000!

Whatcha thinking about? Money is awarded May 19th.

Just DO IT!

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